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How to Solder Copper Pipe
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Plumbing HelpHow to Solder Copper Pipe
By Contractor Mike

Having successfully managed our three previous plumbing tasks, you are now confident and ready for a bigger challenge. I’ve got one for you. Time to sweat some copper!

Plumbing related motivations run the gamut from dealing with emergencies to personal convenience to make-work projects that serve only to show off your talents. This practice exercise falls into the latter category, with its origin mere nuisance.

Every time you walk down the side yard next to your garage, you wonder which previous owner attached that ugly looking 20-foot run of 1/2” copper line to the stucco just to place a hose bib, rather than run it directly through the garage wall!

On the inside of the garage you see part of the answer to your wonderment: There is evidence of a previous copper line (copper brackets, water-stained studs or drywall) running horizontally and 24-inches off the floor along the inside of the garage wall. Why would someone change it from inside to outside? Because, by no mere coincidence, that's the exact height where the previous homeowner's driver-side door banged against the copper line until it crimped or, more likely, finally busted.

So, all you have to do now is cut and sweat in a copper "T" and a 4 elbows, run the line 5-feet off the garage floor (no ladder needed), run it back town to the height of the hose bib, drill a hole through the stucco, re-configure the hose bib, and Voila!

"All you have to do..." is one of those phrases about which you should have been immediately suspicious. It's kind of like saying, "All you have to do to get to the moon is..."

But the longest journey begins with a single step. And we're going to do this step-wise and according to a little known plumbing mantra: Success in increments is far more preferable than humiliating failure all at once!

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Contractor Mike was a General Building Contractor for nearly twenty years in Los Angeles and is now a produced playwright. 

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